REFRESH this page to see Different BOXEE Banner options RANDOMLY rotate in Footer

There are multiple different Boxee Banners set to RANDOMLY display in Footer of this particlar URL. On each refresh CMS checks which banners meet required needs:

  • Position: Footer
  • Status: Variable (other option is fixed and those are always displayed if other criteria is met)
  • Start date > Now
  • Finish date < Now
  • Available number of shows > Registred Number of displays so far

From available banners 1 variable banner is chosen and displayed to the visitor. Its counter is increased by 1.

All banners on this page are the SAME EXCEPT of one single thing: How many boxes are displayed in selected banner. So you are able to see different layouts of boxes as well as how the same pictures behave based on position of the box, dimensions of a box,... Boxee layout is mobile-responsive.